Notes from the kitchen…

While there are a great amount of offerings through the 3 delivery day wholesale distribution around Burlington, word is they sell fast. So we set up this page for you to pre-order your favorites and guarantee pick-up.

Everything is wrapped in compostable packaging, so donut let it go to waste in a trash bin! All will compost in a backyard bin system, if you don’t have access to your own: Local compost drop off sites can be found HERE or you can call our friends NO WASTE COMPOST to come get it!

We source HYPER local & sustainably harvested food from growers that support workers, pay equitably & care for the environment & community they inhabit. Collectively we are constantly questioning, learning and evolving our methods to offer you the best nutritious and most ecologically sustainable food we can make. Quite often that means flavors and offerings change, so check in often and grab your favorites while you can.

Currently filling orders for Tuesday & Wednesday, Saturday & Sundays
I start baking before the sun rises so PLEASE place orders at least 24 hours ahead of pick-up))

Heads up, the flavors often roate by the full & new moons.

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