Below are the expected delivery times for each location. (click the links for more intel) (*= donut location)

*City Market : Downtown/ Flynn Ave: Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday 8AM

*Scout & Co. : Winooski/ Burlington: Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday 9AM

*Onyx Tonics : Saturday & Wednesdays 9AM

*Uncommon Ground Cafe : Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday 9AM

*Speeder & Earls : Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 9AM

*Pingala Cafe : Saturday & Sunday 9AM

*Commodities Market : Saturday/ Sunday & Wednesday 9AM

*Momo's Market : Saturdays & Wednesdays 9AM

*Foam Brewers : Sundays 12AM

Railyard Apothecary : Wednesdays 10 am (FERMENTATION STATION!)

*The Family Cow : Sunday 10am

*Trillium Hill Farmstand: Sunday @ 10am

*3 Squares Cafe: Sundays 9am

*Brio Roasters Saturday 9am (Market season only)


We are SO excited to be vendors at this TUESDAY market from 3pm-6:30pm in DEWY PARK in Burlingtons O.N.E.

This is the only time we get out and vend during the year and this season we are making savory flatbreads to order with 100% local produce from the most ecologically responsible farms in our region! See you there!