Fresh deliveries every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday!

As a wholesale baker, I am grateful and excited to sell my products through these wonderful shops. I work hard to get the pastries out while still warm! Below are the expected delivery/ opening times for each location.

City Market : Downtown/ Flynn Ave: Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday 8AM

Scout & Co. : Winooski/ Burlington: Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday 9AM

Onyx Tonics : Saturday & Wednesdays 9AM

Uncommon Ground Cafe : Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday 9AM

Speeder & Earls : Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 9AM

Pingala Cafe : Saturday & Sunday 9AM

Commodities Market : Saturday/ Sunday & Wednesday 9AM

Momo's Market : Saturdays & Wednesdays 9AM

Foam Brewers : Sundays 11AM

Railyard Apothecary : Fermentation Station Monday-Saturday.