Dear Neighbors,

During my short ride on this pale blue dot I have noticed a few inconstancies in our desires and our needs, especially when it comes to food.

To start off I think the “invention” of sliced bread may mark the downfall of the American food system, which funded the “green revolution” to lead us to the Standard American Diets we are conditioned too today.

For example, through out my existence as an urban dweller, the food I need for fuel does not match my bodies need for nutrients nor does the conventional food market do anything to aid the planet in sustainable functions.

So, over the past few decades I have devoted my work and thyme to learning the vase webs of systems new and old. I have studied formats from seeds & frost/ flood resistance, flavor, microbes and polities. All to better curate an positive and accessible product line that will nourish my community, heal the land, and pay my rent.

What you see here is my working draft. I am constantly seeking, learning and growing new things all the time. One day I hope to have more time/ platform to present my findings. For now I am taking good notes and learning the more I know, the more I do not.

To the journey, may it be sweet.

Ren Weiner.