1/2 Dozen - Cream Filled Donuts


1/2 Dozen - Cream Filled Donuts


Made to order sourdough donuts, filled with organic cream made from local milk, butter and egg.

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Current Flavor

Caramel cream


Donuts - Made with Local organic flour, flax seeds, sunflower oil, Vermont Maple syrup & NY cave salt. Then slow fermented with sourdough culture and fried in Sunflower oil. All dough is vegan and made in a home free of nuts and live animals.

Cream filling - Cane Sugar, Cow Milk, Chicken Eggs, Butter, Corn Starch, hot Pepper, 3 squares 3 Squares Café Chocolate.

  • All ingredients are grown with-out the use of GMO seed & free of Glyphosate (herbicide).

  • Creams are made with Organic Dairy, Cultured butter & pasture raised GMO free eggs.