Donut give up!

We believe we can #makeamericasweetagain!!

By using the most sustainable ingredients we can source.

Organic grains, Local fruits, pasture raised milk and eggs.  

GMO, nut, & soy-free !

With natural wild sour-dough culture, 

set to rise slowly over a two day fermentation cycle. 

We support producers that are dedicated to the soil and the people.

Where to Find 'em!

Scout & Co. Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday 8am- sold out

City Market  Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday 8am- sold out

Onyx Tonics Saturday & Wednesdays 8am- sold out

Burlington Farmers Market  Saturdays 10am- sold out

Pingala Cafe Saturday & Sunday  7am- sold out

Hotel VT  Saturday & Sunday 7am-sold out

Foam Brewers  Sundays 12pm- sold out

American Flatbread Sticky Beer Bunz! Sat & Sun 11:00 - Sold out!